Monday, 21 February 2011

What a wonderful weekend

This weekend was definitely needed, a wonderful combination of drinking and laughing and films. I really needed it and would like to thank all the lovely girls who turned up, I am suitably relaxed :) 

In other News I now have a new sewing machine the one that I had broke again so Tesco can have there stupid machine back. What a bloody joke of a machine that was I got one at Christmas and after two uses it broke, then I got another one and that broke after only baking the basic version of a dress! How useless can you be! Anyway I have now decided to move in a reliable direction a have bought myself a Singer and OH MY GOD she is amazing so smooth and very amazing. The beautiful dress that I have been talking about for ages is very nearly finished (a small post by the end of the day I promise).

Over the weekend I also realised that I haven't shown you all my fascinators! I have been working on these for a little while and though they have been on the back burner they are a little bit of fun.

Thank you to my wonderful model Toni for letting me get carried away with my camera! and to Ciara for being my creative director.

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