Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A day of craft and creativity

So it turns out walking to Ikea Edmonton from Tottenham Hale tube station is actually a bloody long distance, a distance which I walked this morning in order to get a few items for a workshop which I am doing with Miss Birt on Friday. Having wondered round the isle and planning as we all do, what I would do with my own house (when I eventually get round to buying one) and finally bought a variety of items I came home with a new energy and made these.

They are for a lovely lady at work who ask for a few more after I made her one before. These are really simple to make and I found the pattern on burda style, it's quite a handy site for free patterns, you can also by patterns from this site and print them all at home which comes in handy. The one thing I would recommend is that if you are printing these at home then once you have printed the pages out piece them together and then cut the pattern out, not the other way round. I came a cropper to this when trying to piece together a dress pattern. Made a real mess and ended up with a few extra pieces (oops!)

I love these aprons for the reference to the "Day of the Dead" and because the fantastically vibrant colours inspire creations. These are reversible and very effective, they can also be resized and made into children's aprons too.

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