Saturday, 21 May 2011

NPG Craft it up!

So Friday saw the first Birt and Barker Master Craft Class (Not the official, but it sounds epic). It was a great to have a chance to see what everyone knew and what they wanted to know, we also got the chance to make a little bit of mess on a very old and expensive table :) (We cleaned it all up in the end)  
 The most important way to start a lesson is tea and cake, so my lovely first class got both! I think this will definitely have to be something which we continue on for any future lessons.

 Look at the amazing concentration in there faces, it's like the world hangs on if they get it right :) I Love it!   Let's face it what would a craft session be without a good old gossip. A vital part of the process, please take note people, nothing comes out quite as good as when you have a good chat!

I love this picture Corinne she really used all the colours effectively and I should point out her cup is a tribute to her cats and Sydenham. 

We also attended a workshop a friend of ours was running on how to create photo books at home. She has some fantastic techniques and really make some gorgeous things. Her name is Jasmine look out for her in North London she does some amazing workshops, I will post when she lets me know the next one she is doing. I am now going to have to by more craft supplies in order to start making some of these :-)

A massive thank you to all those people who came to our craft class at the NPG Learning at Work Week. I hope everyone had a good time. Until next time my Crafty Bunnies!

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