Monday, 17 February 2014

Simple Steampunk

So for those of you who don't know what steampunk Google it!

It has become one of the most inspiring and fun things I have come across. I have an entire Pintrest page dedicated to it here. It is a completely engulfing world which has also inspired me to read authors like Kady Cross's Series (I am completely addicted) and Jason G Anderson Gears of Wonderland (I am seriously willing him to write another book).

I was also talking to a friend about films which have taken on the theme and there are actually quite a few, if it be consciously or not. Van Helsing, Brothers Grimm, Wild Wild West, The Prestige, The Golden Compass, Sleepy Hollow and arguably a lot more films which draw on aspects of it.

One of the reason I love this world is because it inspires things from this

Bertie steampunk bunny

to this

Character Design by Yu Cheng Hong

So when I came across this tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers I couldn't resist! It is so simple and quick and the effect is simply stunning. Quick Crafts with Metal Tape

Here are a few of the tests I have done, I think I am getting a little carried away now though, I want to cover everything in this now! I am having to have a serious amount of restraint.

I tried using the black as was suggested in the tutorial but the colour looked a little bizarre to me, pick whichever you want though, and when it comes to the size of the strips make sure to vary it otherwise it looks a little to neat

Have fun creating!

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