Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cake International 2014

So it turns out I am very blessed to have friends with a wide variety of passions and talent. Today is a dedication to my friend Lauren Gillham who has indulged me by inviting to take me to the Cake International 2014. Every year this event has some things which remain basically the same and then other which change.

This year seemed to be mainly dedicated to sugar crafts and a lot of the stalls were based around this and learning new techniques. A large portion of the stalls were this year inviting you to get involved. One stall in particular seemed to have a very large buzz around it Cake Lace, from the very start of the day this stall was always crowded with people and I can understand why, the brand is very well presented and their selling team are amazing but I question wither this is just a fad item. Much like many crafts which are coming around again this form of cake decorating seems to be very niche and can only last so long in it present form though the effects that can be given with their tools are impressive and make this kind of cake decorating accessible to the masses.

I have to say I was also a little disappointed that they are encouraging the making of things but were giving you very few options for transporting them in. Though some stall had boxes there was very little time dedicated to the passion of encasing them well but rather cheaply in plastic cases.

There was inspiration here though, the cake from the competitions showed some real talent and patients. Though there were some disappointments.

 I can see this cake attracting a lot of attention this year as it has already been on a few sites in variety of different forms

 An of course every time I go to Excel London there MUST be a Storm trooper...... obviously!

See ya!

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