Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Corset addiction begins

Several weeks ago i started on a corset making class with a wonderful lady from Sew Curvy, Julia Bremble. She is one of the most passionate and inspiring and talented ladies I have come across in a long time and a wonderful teacher to boot. Not only does Julia give you three full days of attention (no matter how chatty her class were) but along the way her teaching is so good that you have the confidence to walk away and feel like you can adjust the pattern she gives you and make as many corsets as your heart possibly can. And trust me you definatley come away wanting to make so many more, though if you are anything like me then you won't have half as much time to as you would like.

One of the other amazing things I learnt on this trip was that it is so wonderful to be among some very smart and mutually minded people can truly boost your spirits. Hence we have all decided to do the next stage of our corset learning together! I don't think Julia is ever getting rid of us. 

These are a few examples of Julia's work, Catherine almost refused to take off that white one she loved it so much!

 Yes people, I know it is not like me but for the first time in history I own an item of clothing that has leopard print!

 See some serious concentration going on here!

 Also it would seem I am one of those weird people that can't sew in shoes so I took these along with me.

Stand by for the next class in three weeks time.

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